Christopher ''Shane'' Riordan

  • June 20, 2019
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Shane in Uniform
Shane left this earth three months shy of his 30th birthday.  Not a day goes by that he hasn’t been missed terribly by his family.    Two years ago, I was invited to share Shane’s story to other veterans; as a nine-year Air Force Veteran having served two tours and eighteen months in Iraq, and of subsequently suffering from PTSD without getting proper help.    Since then, I have continued to tell his story to encourage veterans that may be struggling with PTSD to get help through support from various Veteran’s organization and from our local community.
Last year I was introduced to the Gulf Coast Gold Star Family organization and joined as a committee member.   The gold star monument project is a tribute to all the families that lost a loved one as a result of serving in any of the Armed Forces.  Although there are several throughout the United States, no other monument in America recognizes the families and relatives that were left behind.  Once established in the Pensacola Veteran’s Memorial Park, this Gulf Star Monument will provide comfort and a tribute to a community that is often silent.
Among the many family Shane left behind are his two beautiful girls that are now entering their high school years.  While MacKenzie looks more like him than Madison, they both share their love of history and reading with him.   Like Shane, MacKenzie is particularly interested in military history and both girls aspire to attend Annapolis Naval Academy in Maryland.    He would be very proud of them.