J.R. Spears

  • June 18, 2019
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J.R. Spears & his father, Tim

J.R., This June 30th you will be 35 years old in heaven. I know you and your Mom will be celebrating. I still think about the 14 years, so far, that you have missed out on. Things like seeing your Sisters graduate H.S. and start their college career and finish your college degree so you could become an officer in the Marine Corps. I think by now you would be married with a kid or two. You would've been a great dad. I know your Sisters miss you terribly and wish you were still here for them to talk to. I miss talking to you about cars, music, girls and just life stuff. I am still so sorry for everything you have missed out on. But what has kept me going all these years is the fact that I know you were doing what you loved. I know you loved the Marine Corps and loved being a Marine. I love you Son with all my heart. Happy Birthday!!!